Formed: November 30, 1989 | Chartered: February 14, 1990

The mission of the Odenton Heritage Society is to preserve, protect, and promote the history and traditions of Odenton through:
  • Advocacy – promote the history of Odenton and encourage others to preserve and protect
  • Participation – undertake preservation projects and provide incentives to encourage preservation and restoration
  • Education – develop programs and materials that inform and teach about the history of Odenton and historic preservation
  • Facilitation – provide resources to support preservation and to foster understanding about preservation options and opportunities
  • Dissemination – develop the methods and tools needed to disseminate information about Odenton history

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Odenton Heritage Society, Inc.
P. O. Box 282
Odenton, MD 21113

History of the Odenton Heritage Society
The Odenton Heritage was formed in 1989 by a small group of residents to preserve the town’s unique social, cultural, and architectural history. Since that time, the Society has become a vital part of the Odenton community. At the present time, the Society owns three historic buildings that are located in the original town center along Odenton Road.

Preservation Projects
1990 – 1994: Purchased and restored Odenton’s first bank (Citizens State Bank) located at 1402 Odenton Road with a twenty-year loan from Arundel Community Development Services under the Community Development Grant Program. Easement with Maryland Historical Trust was executed. Loan was repaid in seven years. The former Bank serves as a community museum and coffee shop for MARC passengers and the local community.

2000 – 2001: Obtained Old Bethel Church, built 1922-1923, as a gift of the Soroptimist International of Severn Run. Ownership was assumed in January 2001. Purchased the Old Masonic Hall on Odenton Road from the Odenton Masons with funds from Anne Arundel County Scattered Sites fund, Historical Odenton Enhancement Capital Project, and a private loan from County National Bank (now Sandy Spring Bank).

2001 – 2005: Obtained state bond money to begin restoration work on the Historical Center buildings. An architect was retained to draw up phased-in plans that would accomplish the restorations that could be funded with the bond bill grant. Obtained a grant from Maryland Historical Trust to install a new roof after wind storms revealed a rapidly deteriorating roof. An easement with Maryland Historical Trust was executed for both the Old Masonic Hall and Old Bethel Church.

2005 – 2011: Major renovations and restorations of the Old Masonic Hall and Old Bethel Church have taken place. The Old Masonic Hall had a new HVAC system installed in 2009 along with an electrical upgrade. A new roof was installed in 2010 and much needed exterior repairs to the exterior were completed in the spring of 2011. New ADA compliant restrooms also were constructed in the spring of 2011, and the Old Bethel Church had a new HVAC system and upgraded electrical service installed.

The Old Masonic Hall has had two Boy Scout Eagle Projects and one Girl Scout Gold Project at the current time. A local Scout Troop does an annual community clean-up project at the Historical Center buildings.

Program Undertakings
From the onset, the Odenton Heritage Society has published a newsletter devoted to the history of the Odenton community. Heritage Times is mailed to the membership and is on file at the West County Regional Library in Odenton. The Society collects historical objects and photographs and prepares exhibits in community museums located in the Old Bank Building and Old Masonic Hall. Some displays travel to the West County Regional Library, the Dairy Farm in Gambrills, and elsewhere. The Society arranges group tours for Scouts in the museums and cooperates with Scouts who clean and maintain area cemeteries.

The Odenton Heritage Society works closely with other historic preservation groups in the area, including the new Woodwardville Preservation Society. For information on Woodwardville, go to the society's website at

Odenton Heritage Society Board of Directors
Through December 31, 2016:

President - Sara Shoemaker
Vice President - W. Andrew Powell
Secretary - Elizabeth Slayton
Treasurer - W. Andrew Powell

President: Wylie Donaldson
First Vice President: Tim Lemke
Second Vice President: Greg Mazzella
Secretary: Betty Slayton
Treasurer: Jackie Lewis
Director of Administration: Donna Donaldson
Director of Finance: Jackie Debar
Director of Facilities: Chuck Olson
Director of Museums: Roger White
Director of Programs: Andrew Murphy
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